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Welcome to Codidact Meta!

Codidact Meta is the meta-discussion site for the Codidact community network and the Codidact software. Whether you have bug reports or feature requests, support questions or rule discussions that touch the whole network – this is the site for you.

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Q&A Should we have a network-wide policy against AI-generated answers?

We had this discussion over at Software Development: Should we allow answers generated by ChatGPT? The general consensus so far seem to be that such answers shouldn't be allowed. Mostly because th...

2 answers  ·  posted 1mo ago by Lundin‭  ·  last activity 1mo ago by Derek Elkins‭

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Q&A Should we have organization accounts?

I've seen many times something like "This is just my personal opinion, not of the team" when administrators such as Monica Cellio respond to posts. In my opinion, this is because of a lack of a way...

2 answers  ·  posted 3mo ago by Moshi‭  ·  last activity 3mo ago by Monica Cellio‭

+7 −1
Q&A What is the policy on importing questions by simply quoting the question over here?

Recently, three questions were "imported" from StackOverflow:,, I put "imported"...

1 answer  ·  posted 2y ago by Moshi‭  ·  last activity 1y ago by Monica Cellio‭

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Q&A Allow OP to self-close questions

After I asked a question, it was pointed out in the comments that it may possibly be a duplicate of another question. I was inclined to agree and wanted to close it. However, the only option I see[...

0 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by ploni‭  ·  edited 2y ago by Monica Cellio‭

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Q&A Why don't we just make communities for every launched stack?

Rather than reinvent each community, why don't the admins just create a community for each subject that Stack launched a site for? Such as statistics, interpersonal skills, workplace, law, philoso...

3 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by accounting, identify this location‭  ·  edited 2y ago by Mithical‭

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Q&A How does Codidact avoid repeating Stack Exchange's mistakes?

I received an important question in private email, and I'm bringing it here so we can improve on the answer I sent. This won't be the last time we get this question; let's develop a clear, effecti...

3 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by Monica Cellio‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Monica Cellio‭

Question discussion policies
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Q&A I cannot understand the meaning of disrespectful.

(Please note that I write this post only for the record. I personally do not hope that some changes will be made.) I have been informed of some contradictory policies (attitudes), which I personall...

2 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by tommi‭

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Q&A How should staff deal with posts critical of themselves that they want deleted?

Recently, we had a question asked about priorities of the 'community team'1. The poster then self-answered (which is fine). This answer then got deleted2 and a different user asked a question about...

2 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by Mithrandir24601‭  ·  edited 2y ago by msh210‭

+1 −21
Q&A Voluntariness vs. Responsibility, which of them should be considered as a priority for the community team?

Before starting the concern, I want to appreciate and acknowledge the community team for their volunteer efforts to run Codidact and handle its issues as far as they can. When I sometimes talk to s...

6 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  edited 2y ago by MathPhysics‭

+1 −1
Q&A Codidact is a Q&A platform or a teaching community?

The following is an excerpt from this community staff's answer: I definitely didn't thought of the CoC-version of "Not Constructive" when I added the "Not Constructive"-close reason. The intention...

1 answer  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Canina‭

+2 −9
Q&A Let us have a transparent review system.

Issue According to the answers provided by the community staff to this post, I conclude that one of the Codidact policies is empowering moderators to take some required actions in some situations a...

2 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Lundin‭

+3 −6
Q&A To be constructive, or not to be constructive, that is the question.

After reading this answer, I have concluded that any post and any behavior satisfying the Code of Conduct are welcomed in any Codidact Community. The Code of Conduct has been written well, and all ...

3 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Zerotime‭

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Q&A Should [status-completed] be used before the changes are live?

As of the time of writing, this request has the [status-completed] tag despite the change not being live yet. It is completely developed, sure, but since it is not yet deployed, should the request ...

2 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by Moshi‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Sigma‭

Question discussion policies
+2 −3
Q&A Does Codidact have to be too similar to SE?

Examining Codidact communities, one can easily find out that Codidact is almost a duplicate of SE I know that many Codidact users (or maybe all of them) are current or former SE users, so it was ex...

1 answer  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Mithrandir24601‭

Question discussion policies
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Q&A Does Codidact want to silence its users as SE does?

After joining Codidact and then reading many posts, I concluded that Codidact is a place allowing people to express their opposing ideas freely, unlike SE. But, something happened that I had to dou...

2 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by FoggyFinder‭

Question discussion policies
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Q&A Launching a new community with enough contributors even though disagreements exist

Suppose that I have suggested a community idea which has been heavily downvoted. Now, if I can gather enough people interested in contributing to the community regularly, then will this idea be pla...

1 answer  ·  posted 2y ago by MathPhysics‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Monica Cellio‭

+5 −2
Q&A Should we allow capitalized tags?

So this has been bugging me for a while now. Recently, the tags Chinese, Cantonese, and Mandarin were changed to lowercase. When asking why on the discord, I was told that it was because "tags are ...

4 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by Moshi‭  ·  edited 2y ago by Moshi‭

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Q&A How much reputation is enough reputation?

I clicked on "edit" on a post, and received the following message: Forbidden You have been denied access to this resource because you lack the necessary privileges to access it. Once you gain en...

1 answer  ·  posted 3y ago by Masked Man‭  ·  last activity 3y ago by luap42‭

Question policies abilities
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Q&A Spread the word - SE meta information page?

We all know that Stack Exchange has been there for a long time. It has taken root to a lot of people. Unfortunately, I feel like codidact's word has been spreading less than what I would expect. I ...

2 answers  ·  posted 3y ago by Neel_Gupta‭  ·  last activity 3y ago by Cody Gray♦‭

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