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Welcome to Codidact Meta!

Codidact Meta is the meta-discussion site for the Codidact community network and the Codidact software. Whether you have bug reports or feature requests, support questions or rule discussions that touch the whole network – this is the site for you.

Getting a gaming community of Codidact


As a very big user in Arqade, I thought that maybe we can also have a gaming site in Codidact.

Here is the summary of the site:

  • A question has to involve a videogame in it, like problems when playing the game or basic Q&A that asks about info of certain games, like character names.

  • Videogames and game development are the main topics, and as specified by @Lundin, we should give them separate categories to put their posts on.

  • The Challenges section for the site could include something similar to the Screenshot of the Week events.

  • Special tags are created as a form of figuring what answer fits the question. No, this is not tagging answers, but rather tagging questions to show what they want. An example could be strategy.

  • Game Development might likely split off from Videogames CD if given enough support, but we'll see what happens.

    • Since Game Development was more on the side of programming, it's contents part of programming would be settled in Software Development CD when necessary.

    • All other topics may be considered to be left in the Game Development category of the future Q&A site, but if the community wants to split it off, we'll support it.

Here's the info for our site, or what'd be called a community:

Our community for video game players, developers, and those dedicated or interested in video games.

Let's talk about the scope. This way, we can identify which questions are considered on-topic and off-topic.

Here is the scope of the site:

Q&A (Videogames)

  • Questions involving game strategies and/or tactics are allowed.

  • Questions asking about the plots and characters of a game are allowed.

  • Questions that involve puzzle solving are allowed.

  • Questions on game-specific hardware and utilities are allowed.

  • Questions that promotes online games to join, or game recommendations aren't allowed.

  • Questions that involve piracy aren't allowed.

  • Game identification questions are allowed, but not based on what you remember about it.

    • A picture or some source where you found it makes the question answerable, making it allowed on the site.
  • Questions all about speculations of the future aren't allowed. This means questions involving the content of games not yet released and the future of the industry aren't allowed.

  • Questions regarding bugs from mods installed into the game aren't allowed. It's best to ask the mod creators regarding the issues.

  • Questions regarding developer intent of the game's mechanics and narratives aren't allowed.

Game Development

  • Questions that are based on level designing, gameplay, mechanics, and others related to game design are allowed.

  • Questions about creation, storage, editing, and other related to asset pipelines are allowed.

  • Questions about programming are allowed, as long as it is about game development. Questions about making game mods are also allowed.

    • This is most-likely the part of the category to split off from Videogames CD in favor of Software Development CD.
  • Project management questions are allowed as long as it is about game development.

  • Questions involving the game industry's careers, trends, technologies and others are allowed.

  • Debugging problems are allowed.

    • Goes alongside with likely splitting from Videogames CD.
  • Questions on how to get started on making a game aren't allowed.

  • Questions on what language, engine, or SDK to learn for making games aren't allowed.

  • Questions asking where assets can be found aren't allowed.

  • Questions regarding which technology is better to use to make a game aren't allowed.

  • Questions on which technology to use for a game idea aren't allowed.

  • Questions on how a specific game implemented a specific feature aren't allowed.

  • Questions that are only for recruitment for help on a project aren't allowed.

  • Questions asking what technology some particular game used aren't allowed.

  • Questions on how to (start) make a particular game aren't allowed.

Challenges (Guidelines regarding posting)

Meta Arqade has their (cool) challenges, so let's do something similar for the fun of it.

  • Challenges should be proposed first before making it official and a continuous series.

  • For a challenge to be properly evaluated, here's the criteria:

    • The challenge proposal shows how the challenge (series) works, including the criteria of winning, the form of answering, and should be tagged as proposal for it to be clear.

    • Tags for the proposal could contain something like how Code Golf SE & CD which would have tags such as popularity-contest and finders-keepers (a tag I'm willing to add for contests to find where something came from).

    • Puzzles of games in itself aren't allowed and can be added in Q&A instead.

In this case, for us and those gamers out there, can we get a Codidact site dedicated to videogames and game development? Simply call it Videogames Codidact, and the preferred URL would be as clarified by @Peter Cooper Jr..

We need more people!

As of right now, we're still building an audience for the site and we could tell those who're supporting it by upvotes and the amount of users on Monica's answer. Add yourself in the answer by the criteria if you're willing to participate and upvote the proposal if you're willing to support it.

Currently, I'm aiming to see a total of 20+ or 30+ upvotes in my proposal and 15+ users in Monica's answer. There's no forcing on this, this is just the amount I'm willing to see if the site has enough potential to be active. Sure, the proposal must've hit the minimal score for a site to exist, but we can go further.

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5 comment threads

General comments (6 comments)
Clarify what's on topic (4 comments)
What's a "video" game? (5 comments)
Follow this proposal here (1 comment)
Reason of downvoting the proposal (2 comments)

1 answer


Please use this post to indicate your interest in helping to build this community. You can either edit this post (if you have the edit ability on Meta) or comment and someone else will edit it into the post.

Please indicate if you expect to be a casual or more active participant. If you anticipate primarily asking or primarily answering questions, please indicate that. If you have particular expertise, either in the topic as a whole or specific areas, please say so. We're asking these questions so we can get a sense of the community being built and whether there are important gaps.

  • Yes please and thank you! — DonielF‭

  • I would be interested as an active participant. — Lundin

  • As one who made the proposal, a huge Minecrafter and interested in GTA, and a mediocre programmer, I'm willing to make a move for this community and make Videogames Codidact a reality. — General Sebast1an

  • I would be interested as a fairly active participant, both asking and answering. I'd consider myself rather knowledgeable about a variety of currently popular games. — Spevacus‭

  • I sometimes get a chance to play video games, and would probably participate in this community casually on occasion. - Peter Cooper Jr.

  • I'd be a casual participant, but I don't play many mainstream games so my questions might not interest many people. — Moshi

  • I would be interested in being a sporadically active user. I was active on Arqade for years and play a wide range of games of all types. I especially like complex simulation games, which are well-suited to Q&A. – Ullallulloo

  • I could be a casual participant on both, the play and the develop side. - Trilarion

  • I would be a casual participant of the play side and possible the development side. - Ethan

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1 comment thread

General comments (5 comments)

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