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How does rep work here?


I see there is a number next to each users' name, which in some places is even called "rep". That makes sense.

What is mysterious is how it's calculated. My rep makes no sense. I started out writing one answer to a meta post. That answer got 1 downvote. That should make my rep negative, or at least 0 since it was on meta. However, a day later it was 7. Huh? What? I don't see any logic why my rep should have been positive.

Then I wrote a meta question and somehow my rep jumped to 12. That makes no sense. Asking a question by itself shouldn't be something we reward. We should be trying to reward good content, none of which I have provided so far. And, meta really isn't content anyway.

Please explain.

Why should this post be closed?


I can't confirm this is what's actually happened (which is why I'm not answering and am instead commenting) but an upvote on a question-type post is usually 5, upvote on answer-type 10, so is it possible that you've had e.g. 1 answer upvote, 1 question upvote and 2 downvotes (at 2 each?)? Mithrandir24601 about 1 month ago

As far as I can tell, I've had one downvote on one answer, and one upvote on one question. I think I saw the 12 rep before the upvote. In any case, I had 7 rep when the only vote I received was a downvote on one answer. Then this was all on meta, where rep makes no sense in the first place. The point of rep is status gained by providing quality content, none of which I've done so far. Olin Lathrop about 1 month ago

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The votes shown on questions / answers are net (positive less negative).

Rep is calculated at +5 Question upvote

-2 Question downvote

+10 Answer upvote

-2 Answer downvote


You started at 1

downvote -> -1

two upvotes and another downvote -> 7

one more upvote -> 12

total: two downvotes and three upvotes, your EE proposal is net +1.

To address your other concerns, please keep in mind that this is the original qpixel reputation level, so this will all be changing down the road.

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In terms of "changes down the road", we'll eventually be moving over to trust levels and removing rep entirely once that's done. ArtOfCode about 1 month ago