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What would I change on UX


I was asked to spill out what would be my UX changes, so here I go. My personal opinion on UX is in majority about my own discomfort with white background. As person working on computer for 10-12 hours per day, every time I open website with white background I get "blasted" with brightness and it makes my eyes tired faster. Please take a note this is all just my personal opinion which does not represent what might be preferred UX by majority.

  • It is generally better for human eyes to work with dark colors not just for performance but for medical reason as well. There are 3rd party programs which compensate brightness (warmth and cooling) based on your preferred settings, but I still prefer if it is "built-in" perhaps as a themes or hard coded.

  • More distinct borders of cells and frames might help faster orientation on website. Right now I feel like I am staring on a wall full of information which I need to "manually" filter out by focusing on those sneaky light grey borders (or perhaps they are just lost in the bright white background - at the end it is matter of contrast). Eg. I need to spend extra time on focusing what is Menu, Headline, Information, Button etc.

  • Shortcuts for basic formatting like Bold - CTRL+B.

That is all what is "bothering" me. It is not deal breaker at all, just something I would found more convenient

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Dark theme is something I'd like to do, but right now it has to take a back seat to developing the features that we want to have. Creating and maintaining a dark theme is a significant amount of work, and not something we have the development time for right now. Once we've got all of our basic features, we'll be able to have another look at adding a new theme.



I'm photosensitive and bright white backgrounds bother me too. Dark-mode themes tend to fail me in other ways, so I usually try to soften the bombardment of bright white pixels instead. In case it helps, I'll share my workaround. This is the CSS override I use, with the Stylus add-on, for Codidact sites:

@-moz-document domain("") {

.is-12 {background-color: #FDF9F0; }
.is-8-lg {background-color: #FDF9F0; }
.is-4-lg {background-color: #FBEFD1; }
.has-margin-4 {background-color: #FDF9F0; }

You can adjust those colors to suit your preferences.

If I recall correctly, there are some transparent backgrounds in play too, and this doesn't catch those. In addition to using Stylus to make per-site CSS adjustments, I've also set a default background color in my browser. You can do this in Chrome and Firefox at least; I don't know about others.

These changes don't get everything; in particular, this doesn't catch the white background in the top bar, but since I'm not usually trying to read lots of text there, that's ok for me.

Here's a screenshot of what this looks like:



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