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Notifications don't disappear after reading them


Whenever there is a new comment or answer to one of my posts, I get a notification in my notification bar. However, even though I click on it and read the content in question, the notifications don't go away.

What do I have to do so that notifications go away and I only see the new ones?

If it's of relevance, I use a set of Firefox extensions for blocking diverse things like ads, cookies, external content loaded via insecure protocols and trackers.

Why should this post be closed?


do they never go away or do you have to click them twice? Charlie Brumbaugh about 1 month ago

Click the notifications icon, click it again to close the menu. Notifications should be marked as read. ArtOfCode about 1 month ago

And fair warning: blocking cookies and/or JS will probably break things unless you make exceptions in your extension's settings. JS is required, and at least the _qpixel_session cookie must be allowed for things to work properly; we may support no-JS better in future, but right now we don't have the dev time available. ArtOfCode about 1 month ago

@ArtOfCode Clicking the menu again worked. However, it seems a little counterintuitive for me as I click on a single notification to get to the newest content and don't browse all notifications at once. So if I click on one notification, I only want this one to be read and the others to be still available for me (for a later time). So no bug in the end, more like a feature request :-) Thanks for helping me! Zerotime about 1 month ago

Yup, that is a bug, notifications are supposed to go away once you've clicked them, one by one instead of all at once. But... notifications are in need of an overhaul anyway, so when we get to that we'll fix the dismissal bugs too. ArtOfCode about 1 month ago

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