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Help --> Site Information?


Just now I noticed that when clicking on Help, there is a new box called "Site Information". What the …?

This seems to have infested all sites, and doesn't provide much real information. It's about a made-up site, so doesn't actually help anyone. Maybe it's work in progress, but then it shouldn't have been pushed out to all sites.

I'm trying to put up some help pages on EE, and this thing is distracting. We'll cover all that information. In fact, we already mostly have. But, I want it integrated with everything else I'm doing. You've already got the About Codidact and Legal boxes. Anything else you want to add should go in one of those. I don't appreciate the visual clutter you're imposing on all sites.

I also really dislike the much-overused name "FAQ". These are largely points you want to push out to people, not something they asked about. Calling it a FAQ is dishonest and patronizing. We don't have any real users yet on EE, so I'm pretty sure these questions weren't asked, and certainly not frequently.

I see that I can edit this FAQ, but I want to hear what the thought process was before possibly damaging anything. Otherwise, I'd like to get it gone.

Why should this post be closed?

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"About Codidact" is more about the software/platform, than the specific site. You can change the Category for help entries, which will change, the title of the box. You should also be able to rename help topics and to add categories (simply choose a new name for the category). luap42 about 1 month ago

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That topic was meant to be disabled, but we hit a bug. It's gone now.

That topic is meant to be an example starting point for people setting up a new site. We'll be making some improvements to the template. On this site, where you've already built out other help, it's redundant.

You can now also define categories for help topics and specify order within those categories. You'll see these changes on the "edit" page for help.


Ah, OK. No problem. I notice that "Site Information" is already gone. I'll wait for the other changes to be rolled out, and then see what I can do to make the site help easy, intuitive, and uncluttered. By the way, you're welcome to copy anything we have. Some of it is not EE specific, but applies to any site. The "Formatting" help is quite generic, for example. I'll be adding special characters to that soon. Olin Lathrop about 1 month ago

Thanks @Olin; I was in fact eyeing your formatting help. :-) Changes should all be there now; go ahead and try typing something into the "category" textbox and setting sequence numbers. Monica Cellio about 1 month ago

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