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URLs in RSS feeds wrongly assume that all top-level posts are questions


With the recently added article post type (used to share recipes on Cooking), the URL to the post is /articles/nnnnn (where nnnnn is the post ID), or /ar instead of /articles for shorter links.

However, the category feed still uses /questions/nnnnn as the URL for each post.

The result is that the link shown in one's feed reader returns a "404 Not Found" error page when followed.

The category feeds should take the post type into consideration when generating the URL to the post, so that the link shown in the feed reader successfully takes the user to the post in question. (Assuming of course that it is still available.)

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I think they'll all need to change to "/posts". A category can support more than one post type, and anyway these things could change over time as a site's use of a category evolves, so we shouldn't baking that into the external interface. Missed this in testing/code review, sorry. Monica Cellio 25 days ago

@MonicaCellio I'm not particularly partial as to what exactly is in the URL, as long as it works for reaching the post. aCVn 25 days ago

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This should be fixed and rolling out with the next build.

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Looks like it's working. Thank you. aCVn 25 days ago