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I have double major in Modern History and Literature - so I could be really helpful there. But I think I can cover with facts and sources all eras bellow until 15th century in Europe.

I would like to ask current members if there would be interest in History Site. Not answering questions "what if", which could easily fit into speculative science, but to answer and discuss questions about history like lifestyle, weather, sociology and economy of past times or debate scarcely documented events and possible causes.


Why should this post be closed?


Yes, definitely! Harel13 21 days ago

I suggest Ye Olde Codidacte as the site name... :O) Harel13 20 days ago

@Harel13 People need to be able to know what the site is about from the title. I don't think that's clear. mbomb007 about 13 hours ago

@mbomb007 it was kind of a joke... :) Sadly, I don't see this site getting off the ground any time soon... Harel13 about 9 hours ago

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I'm on-board with a History site. I'm also on-board with having room for discussions and debates. However, I'm not sure the title "factual history" would necessarily still apply for all such discussions and debates, as they can often become speculative.

From a little experience in online forums, online debates need some serious moderation, otherwise they can get drastically out of hand, so that's something that needs figuring out.

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Agreed. I've had enough of social media sites censoring posts because of what they determine to be factual or not. mbomb007 20 days ago

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