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Answer own question before anyone else can?


I want to write a few canonical questions. I'll ask these questions, then also write a detailed answer.

On SE there was a feature where you could write an answer to your own question before releasing both onto the site. In effect, you could post the question and answer simultaneously.

I used this feature a few times for such canonical questions on SE. Writing a good answer takes time. I would like to avoid others wasting their time writing answers until they see what I'm going to write, particularly if they see the empty question and also put in some effort to write a canonical answer.

Is there any way to do this here?

Why should this post be closed?


@Olin , you could tag this as a feature-request and perhaps they could implement something like this. KingDuken 23 days ago

@King: It's a minor "nice to have". I wouldn't want to see it compete with the many more important things the devs have to do. Olin Lathrop 23 days ago

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I don't think there's a dedicated feature for that.

However, nothing prevents you from writing up an answer separately, then cutting and pasting it into the answer form just after you've posted the question.

That should certainly be doable within half a minute or so of each other, so at least doesn't leave much of a gap in between the question and the answer being posted.


I guess that's what I'll have to do. Good thing we have HTML formatting to allow previewing post off-line in a browser. Olin Lathrop 24 days ago

There are editors that support Markdown directly as a language in and of itself, which can be useful too for "offline" composing. Peter Cooper Jr. 23 days ago

@Peter: I already did it using HTML. It worked fine. As far as I can tell, there is nothing markdown can do that the HTML support in posts can't. The only issue is grabbing an image file and putting it in the appropriate place on this server. As far as I can tell, that can only be done by clicking the image markdown icon in the post editor. Olin Lathrop 23 days ago