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How do I notify users with a space in their username via comments?


I know that I can notify users that I wrote something regarding their comment by adding them by using @Username, for example "@Username That's a nice idea!".

How do I notify users who have a space in their name? Is it @UserName or @User Name? Can I add a characters right after @Username (for exmaple @Username, or @Username:) or will this break the notification?

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Simply omit the space, and ping @UserName.

I'm not 100% sure whether having characters after it breaks the notification, but I tend to avoid it to be on the safe side.

Comments are due for an overhaul in any case, so this may be changing to a better system soon.

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@Art: Did you get pinged by this? You would have on SE. The first three letters was enough there, and I almost always follow with a colon to delineate the name from the text. With some names, it can appear they are part of the text unless you see the @ sign and mentally parse what is really going on. Olin Lathrop 23 days ago