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The list of questions for a user should indicate the category the question is asked in


Currently, the "Questions by [someone]" list lumps together all questions, regardless of the category. This mixes meta questions in with actual Q&A.

Can we please have something in that list to indicate the category each question is posted in?

I'm thinking that adding something in the details that currently list the number of answers and last activity might work. For example, instead of:

Character set conversion(?) failure during initial import from SE
1 answer · last activity 16 days ago by ArtOfCode

we could have:

Character set conversion(?) failure during initial import from SE
Meta · 1 answer · last activity 16 days ago by ArtOfCode

That way, the person looking at the list of questions will know what to expect before they even try to navigate to the specific question.

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We have a design for this; it's just not implemented yet. The user profile will show selectors (tabs) for each category plus "all" (the default). In the "all" view, posts will be labeled by category. Each post will also show its type -- currently we have questions, answers, and articles. You might have noticed that currently user profiles don't show articles, because questions and answers are baked into it and it didn't get updated to add a section for articles. Since we're going to redesign the page anyway, we didn't invest in fixing this (though if the new profile takes longer than expected or this becomes annoying, we can revisit that).

Update: While I was writing this answer, ArtOfCode was fixing the profile. This might be my fastest time-to-deprecated-answer here so far. :-) The profile now lists all posts, with type and category. We do plan to make this nicer in the future, as I described, but at least now you can see everything and see more clearly what's where.

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I'm starting to get used to having some variation of my feature requests implemented almost before I post them. Either the developers here have managed to hack into my computer, or I wait too long before posting about my ideas. :-) aCVn 17 days ago