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Problem with adding images to answer


I was writing an answer, which included two images. Something seems to be broken with the markup text generated by clicking the image icon.

I clicked the icon, and entered the pathname of the image file. Some markup got inserted, as expected. However, the preview window showed the markup text, not the image.

I edited the markup to use the HTML tag <img src="URL"> instead, and it worked.

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I can't reproduce this as-is. If you can include the generated markdown, within its surrounding context, I may be able to pinpoint the problem. ArtOfCode 25 days ago

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Here is a example. In the preview I'm seeing the markup text instead of the picture. Now I'll post it and see what it looks like then.

![Image alt text](

After the picture.

I did some more experimenting, and if I just type and add a picture it works. I ran into this problem originally after pasting a lengthy answer I wrote off line, then trying to add two images to it.

One difference is that this answer had HTML tags, no markup.

Found what triggers it

The markup shows when there is a HTML <p> tag immediately before the image. If there is a line break after the <p> tag, then the image shows, otherwise the markup text.


Ah, yeah, that'd do it. Mixing HTML and markdown on the same line is prohibited by the spec - the extra linebreak is necessary ArtOfCode 25 days ago

@Art: Maybe the image button should produce HTML instead of markdown? Unfortunately, the image button seems to be the only way to get an image stored on the server, and then for me to get the URL. Is there some other way I'm missing? Olin Lathrop 25 days ago

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