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Self-answered Q&A - posting Q and A at the same time [closed]


closed as duplicate by ArtOfCode on Jun 25, 2020 at 14:27

This question has been answered before. See: Answer own question before anyone else can?

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I'm assuming that self-answered Q&A is fine and on-topic in most communities - if not, open for discussion below.

"That other site" got a little check box which you can use upon posting a question, so that you can write your answer at the same time as the question, then post both at once.

Could we have a similar feature?

Not top priority, but quite handy to have, especially in the early phase of a new community, where we try to "seed" the site with typical questions & answers for that specific community.

Why should this post be closed?

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I know this is a feature-request and the duplicate is a support question, but... the answer is the same in basically all respects. This might be something we come back to once we've got the majority of major features we want, but for now it's not worth spending the time for something that can be done by just writing separately then copy-pasting. ArtOfCode 11 days ago

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That's perfectly fine, at least as I understand it. However, one thing we have been working on here is a "post-only" item with no actual answers, which can include "Canonical questions" or "FAQs" or other types of posts where instead trying to fit an item into "Q + A", instead it is structured as a single post, edited by multiple people as needed, to provide commonly used information. This could work well, IMHO, for things like the "How to buy electronic components" question in Electrical Engineering - i.e., a question that has broad interest, not specific to one particular project or component. That will have a big advantage that the post will be in a different category so that "old" posts won't get lost the way they do in certain other systems.

On the other hand, if a particular post is very specific - e.g., you are self-answering because you had an actual problem and came up with a solution, then self-answered Q & A makes sense.