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Migrate users from deprecated Codidact forum


Should user accounts from be imported?

Since the forum was deprecated, I read the notice and went to this meta. The top of the meta says that all Codidact sites have the same login, so I assumed this included the forum. I was wrong.

Can you either import the accounts or make it clear on the forum that a new account is required? If the data is to be migrated eventually, it makes more sense to migrate the users now, so the accounts don't get separated.

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I've added a note to the notice on the forum to point out that a new account is needed here.

I don't think migrating user accounts is worth it. I'm not sure whether Discourse provides the necessary tooling, to start with. We can't, of course, migrate passwords, so everyone would need to reset their password to get into their account, and at that point it's easier to just create the account yourself.


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