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Comment character count does not reset when posting the comment


Whenever you are typing a comment on a post, there's a live-updating character count that shows how many of the allowed 500 characters you have used so far.

However, when you post the comment, the indicator doesn't reset.

So if I write a comment "Hello world!", the character count quite correctly indicates that I have used 12 out of 500 characters. When I click Post to actually post the comment, then the comment shows up as such; the comment text field is cleared; but the character count still indicates 12/500.

At a minimum, the character count should be reset when the comment is posted, to match the UI state when one is just starting a new comment.

Why should this post be closed?


I'm not following. To me, the character count goes away after posting a comment. Since it's gone, there is nothing to reset. OK, testing here, am now at 164/500. Olin Lathrop 8 days ago

Ah, I see you're talking about a second comment. I see it resets immediately when I start typing. Maybe it shouldn't for consecutive comments, since now people can get around the length limitation by posting multiply comments. Olin Lathrop 8 days ago

That brings up another point, which is why is there a new edit box in the first place after having just posted a comment. That's just inviting people to abuse comments, like what I'm doing here to make a point. Olin Lathrop 8 days ago

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This is fixed - thanks for pointing it out. Will go live in the next deploy.

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Looks like it's been fixed now. Thanks! aCVn 8 days ago


It seems to me that the real problem is a new blank edit box appearing after having just posted a comment. This just invites abuse of comments. If you had to click "Add a comment" again, the length would probably start at 0 automatically.