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Some user avatars are referenced over HTTP when the page is loaded over HTTPS, triggering mixed content handling


I noticed that visiting Using accents while staying legible on Writing triggered a mixed content warning in my browser. Another example is How to train readers in Argot or Slang (full disclosure: I have posted an answer to the latter question).

It seems that some user avatars are referred to through which then redirects to

This is a problem because the initial request is for a resource hosted over HTTP, which triggers mixed content handling in the browser.

Even though images aren't considered active content, that's still enough to cause a strictly configured browser to not load them, and it is a potential information leak; especially on pages with multiple user avatars displayed, it would be plausible to piece together which pages are being viewed based on the specific set of user avatars requested.

Such requests should either be explicitly HTTPS, or protocol-relative. (A protocol-relative link is, for example, //; notice that the protocol specification is missing. If the page is loaded over HTTP, this uses HTTP; correspondingly, if the page is loaded over HTTPS, it uses HTTPS.)

Without having analyzed the issue in detail, it appears to me that this is the case for users who have uploaded their own avatars; those served by are correctly requested over HTTPS.

Why should this post be closed?


[status-norepro] so far. Which avatars in particular aren't loading via HTTPS for you? ArtOfCode 18 days ago

@ArtOfCode Both posters' avatars in the first linked question. I even went so far as to double-check the DOM before posting this. However, I can't seem to get the same behavior now. Makes me wonder if my browser had somehow got into a weird state, and what I was seeing was a reflection of that; I'm pretty sure one of the few things I didn't try before posting this was to restart the browser. aCVn 17 days ago

@aCVn Possibly, or you may be right that something was up. There were a bunch of RSS feed items posted into Discord as HTTP links recently, but now they're all back to being HTTPS. I'll keep an eye out, but with any luck this has just resolved itself. ArtOfCode 17 days ago

@ArtOfCode I'm definitely willing to go so far as to say that something caused my browser to treat the non-unicorn avatars as mixed content, which prevented them from loading because my browser is set to block all mixed content (not just mixed active content). (My avatar, which is sourced through unicornify, loaded fine.) When I looked, I clearly saw the http:// in the DOM for the non-loading avatars. aCVn 16 days ago

What I don't have any plausible explanation for is what caused that, especially since (according to the page footer) there was no release in between my reporting this as a problem and my being able to confirm that the software was no longer behaving that way. aCVn 16 days ago

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