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Filtering non SE questions?


Is it possible to filter for non stack exchange questions? On communities that have opted to sync, I've found it quite frustrating that I'll find a question posted "recently" I think is interesting only to find it's just a synced question from SE and filled with answers already. I would like the ability to find questions specifically made by users here.

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Yeah, I just wasted some time reading a lengthy new question on Scientific Speculation, only to find it was 4 years old with lots of answers. Argh! Olin Lathrop 7 days ago

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Nice idea! This is implemented in the latest build, which is rolling out now. There's a new Native button on category post lists that lets you bring non-imported posts to the top.


Suggested at 15:51 UTC, rolling out at 16:15 UTC. Now that is what I call rapid development. (Admittedly a fairly simple feature; but still!) aCVn 7 days ago

Not to complain, would really be nice if either this was a true filter (i.e., only shows "Native" when you click that button, rather than simply sorting) or if there were some indication (tag-like "native" or "imported" or some symbol?) so that when I scroll down through the "Native" list I can see where Native is no longer the case. manassehkatz 7 days ago

@manassehkatz I agree that having something like this which works as an actual filter would be even better. However, that would probably require a bit more UI work if nothing else; because all of the other buttons there act as sort selectors, not filters, it would need to be clearly set apart from them. Definitely not impossible, but probably takes more than 25 minutes from start to finish. I for one will rather take something we can polish than an idea that may be implemented in 6-8 years. :) aCVn 6 days ago

@manassehkatz ^ basically that. Sorting was the easy solution; building a filter is possible (the lottery button is technically a filter), but means building a new action and view as opposed to adding about two lines of code to an existing setup. ArtOfCode 6 days ago

@manassehkatz That said... no reason we can't suit both worlds: build rolling out now includes a small icon on imported posts so that you can tell which is which. ArtOfCode 6 days ago

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