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"Tour" for new users?


Hi everyone! I'm joining the bandwagon coming from SE. I've been active over there for just over four years, so needless to say that I'm very familiar with that platform.

Codidact shares a lot of similarities with SE: it's got Markdown support, the sidebar works similarly to that of SE, etc. But there's a lot of things which are different, too, such as the new categories feature, reputation being replaced with trust levels, etc.

SE, for comparison, has both a tour and a help center, where the tour provides an overall view of how things work and the help center looks at the details on how to ask, answer, and do other things on the site. If there is something analogous here, it's not very well publicized.

If there is not a tour/help center: what would it take to create one?

If and when there is a tour/help center: what would it take to, say, add a widget to the sidebar or footer with a link to it?

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Hi @DonielF, we have a help center, which is currently being written. I see, that you already joined our chat server. If you want to help writing some of the texts, ping me there (luap42 is my name there, too). OTOH, we don't have something like a tour yet, but more inline and interactive help is definitely planned, maybe even a "tutorial engine", where you can try everything in a sandbox environment. We just haven't had the time for that, because everything is quite new. luap42 7 days ago

(I'm a Co-Lead for User Help for Codidact.) I've spent the past few days writing up help center articles; currently, things are being coordinated in chat and on the docs GitHub repo. A tour is definitely on the list of things to do in the near future. Mithical 7 days ago

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In my opinion, the Tour on SE/SO left a lot to be desired. It provided an extremely brief overview of some features while leaving out a lot of important functional details.

I am not sure if a Tour is planned for Codidact. I know that a lot of effort is being put into help pages, and in fact there have been a whole bunch of updates within the last few days. Click Help on the top of any page and you can see the currently available help topics.

We are also working on some context-sensitive help (e.g., while asking or answering a question). Help pages and other documentation are being created in parallel with, but not exactly synchronized with each other, and the system is evolving very quickly.


I was planning on writing a sort of tour for Codidact, although a bit more in-depth than SE's, just to explain sort of how the site works and point new users towards other help pages and possibly chat, but naturally that depends on the rest of the help center being fleshed out. Mithical 7 days ago

Agreed: the Tour barely helped with anything. If we’re reinventing the wheel here we can do it much better. DonielF 7 days ago

Yes, we want different kinds of guidance that are more targeted and thus (I hope) more useful for that thing I'm trying to do right now, alongside more general help. A new-user tour seems helpful if it shows the things one needs right away (and points out the help for more info). In time it will be supplemented by more/better contextual guidance. Monica Cellio 7 days ago


Just to add to this, we also have the availability of contextual help in the right hand sidebar. This will show help depending on what page you are on and what element you are interacting with.

It is currently in design phase but the aim is to provide a more useful context to help as and when you need it as opposed to going to a different part of the site.

Whilst this doesn't take away the need of a does alleviate some of the pressures of trying to do everything with a tour.



So... expanding from my comment from yesterday, here are my thoughts regarding the "tour".

I think we had the proposal for an interactive "learn the site" tour on the (now deprecated) forum. This doesn't mean a page, where you scroll down and see the different components gliding into the screen with nice effect, but something where you enter a question (either a proper one or one just "for the guide") and get to know all of the features you have available as new users yet, such as:

  1. categories
  2. posting questions/articles (and using Markdown)
  3. posting answers
  4. posting comments
  5. flagging
  6. suggesting edits
  7. voting

This does sound like a lot of features, but I think that it might work for users to teach them their use by using an interactive wizard. I am somehow inspired by Discourse's "sign up tour" here, which you can try out if you sign up on our (now deprecated) forum.