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Pending edit review should highlight changes


There is a pending edit on one of my posts. When I click on Review Changes, I get a page showing two versions of the post side by side.

The problem is, there are no obvious changes. It's not even clear which side is pre-edit and which post-edit.

Either there aren't actually changes, and the system should clear out the suggested edit, or there are changes and they should be clearly visible. Even if I were to read both posts side by side hunting for the change, I'd probably miss it anyway.

Why should this post be closed?


The edit is (at minimum?) the spelling of "catagories" -> "categories" in the first sentence. Sigma about 1 month ago

Same mistake in 3rd and 2nd to last paragraph Dani about 1 month ago

The changes are just catagory/ies to category/ies. However, the issue of the diff page not working properly is a real one that I have noticed myself. manassehkatz about 1 month ago

@mana: OK, I'll go accept the changes. Now that you point them out, I can see what changed, but I can also see there is nothing pointing out the changes. That needs to be fixed. Olin Lathrop about 1 month ago

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This has now been implemented - watch out for it in the next deploy.

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I just had a suggested edit in It took me a while to see what typo was being corrected because the highlighting wasn't working. After I Approved the suggested edit, I went to History and there the changes were very clear. So there is one piece that seems to still not be working. manassehkatz 13 days ago

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