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List comments on the user profile page.


I'd like to see a history of comments posted (and for moderators, perhaps even including deleted comments) on a user's profile page.

Use cases:

  • Allow moderators to look over the totality of a user's behavior when deciding how to respond to reports of individual instances of behavior.

  • Allow me, as a user, to find comments I've made in case I want to review and revise them.

  • Allow any user who recalls who made an interesting comment but not where to find the comment.

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For me, lack of such a facility would be a deal breaker, though not right away. pnuts 19 days ago

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This has been completed now. All undeleted comments are shown in the shiny new "Activity" tab on user profiles. For example, your comment activity looks like this:

Comment activity for Isaac Moses

Furthermore, there is a more complete log available for moderators (in the moderator tools, then "full activity log") if you want to see deleted comments, too.

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Much appreciated. Isaac Moses 15 days ago

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