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Can notifications have a time stamp in the pull down menu?


In my notifications inbox, notifications have time stamps to show when they've been created. Can time stamps also be included in the notifications pull down menu?

This way, it's possible to see quickly what's new and what's old.

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I upvoted because most of my recent notifications are identical, and I have lately come to be suspicious that the read/unread status of them is not always reliable, and timestamps would help me to know whether this is the case or not. A tiny little "1h" or "3d" next to the word "read" is not going to add much clutter. xtal 19 days ago

@xtal not always reliable and not going to add much clutter - agreed. But full date stamps are shown with a click on "See all your notifications ยป". I wonder whether sorting "Active" might help instead/meanwhile if most are identical because As to the same Q. pnuts 19 days ago

@pnuts Yeah, but I don't want to have to scroll down and then navigate to a whole other page, just to see those timestamps. Incidentally, most of my notifications are "You were mentioned in a comment" and I'm not even sure what an "Active" metric would mean for such notifications, or how that would be any different to their recent-ness. xtal 19 days ago

@xtal I accept you are building case. I think the first time I saw "You were mentioned in a comment" was in connection with your comment above. pnuts 19 days ago

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Yes they can. Just added, rolling out in the next build.


I like it, one quick question though: When I open the pull down menu, for a second I see a full time stamp like "2020-01-01T05:05:53" and so on before it transitions to "4 days ago" or "10 hours ago". Is this intended or is something not working on my end? Zerotime 2 days ago

@Zerotime Intended, that's just the JS picking up the full timestamp and turning it into a live timestamp. ArtOfCode 1 day ago

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