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Can't post image


I can't post a new answer when that answer contains an image. Clicking Post Answer makes it turn gray, but it then just sits there. I removed the image from the post, and it worked. See

The image uploaded normally, and shows up correctly in the preview. The image reference is:

JS enabled?

As far as I know. In this case I was using Edge on Win 10. I just looked thru the settings, and didn't see a setting either way.

Anything show up in your browser console?

What's a browser console?

All I saw was the Post Answer button turned gray, and then nothing happened for maybe a minute. I gave up, hit F5, and aborted the attempt to post.

Browser console

I hit F12, clicked on console, then selected and copied the resulting text. I couldn't find a way to save the content directly. In any case, here it is:

HTML1300: Navigation occurred. edit (1,1)

HTTP404: NOT FOUND - The server has not found anything matching the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). GET -

HTTP404: NOT FOUND - The server has not found anything matching the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). GET -

2HTML1500: Tag cannot be self-closing. Use an explicit closing tag. edit (253,15)

SEC7115: :visited and :link styles can only differ by color. Some styles were not applied to :visited. edit (1,1)

Update, 18 Jul 2020

I went back to the original post and tried to include the image again. When I copied in the text I got from hitting the image button several days ago (I saved it on my system locally), I again saw the image in the preview. This time I manually changed the Markup reference to the image to a HTML reference, and it worked. In hindsight, I should have tried the Markup image reference again, but didn't think of it at the time.

So, either the original problem was fixed, or the problem is limited to Markdown image references, with HTML image references working correctly.

Maybe the image button should generate HTML text instead of Markdown text. This is the second time I ran into a problem with it, and both times now changing to HTML got around the problem. It seems that HTML is inherently more stable, which kindof makes sense since ultimately that's what the browser will be given.

19 Jul 2020

I have a suspicion that this is down to the check for alt text, but without a solid repro it's hard to prove that.

What does this "check for alt text" do? I hope you're not requiring people to include alt text for an image. That's a pain in the butt I don't want to have to go thru. If I post an image, that image is necessary for understanding whatever point I'm making. A short description of the image isn't going to help, else I'd have just used that text in the first place.

If I run into this again, what exactly do you want me to try to help diagnose this?

22 Jul 2020

It happened again just now when trying to write this answer. I clicked the image button, and the markdown text was added to my post. The image showed correctly in the preview. I left the auto-generated markdown text on its own, with a blank line before and after.

Clicking the Post Answer button caused the button to go gray, but everything then just hung. I copied the whole answer text to the clipboard, hit F5 which got out of the answer-writing state altogether, clicked on Answer Question again, and pasted the text. The image again showed correctly in the preview. Then I manually changed the markdown to a HTML IMG tag, clicked Post Answer, and it worked.

So, there is something broken with how the system handles markdown text with an image reference. HTML with the same image reference works correctly.

Using Edge on Win 10.

I can't reproduce the problem. In both Firefox and Edge, I start writing an Answer, upload an image. Add a little more text. Try and save, get the Alt Text warning. Save anyway. It works

I was just thinking that this has something to do with other HTML in the post, but I just checked, and in that particular post I used no other HTML or Markdown. I have meanwhile added to the answer so that it contains one HTML H2 heading, but that wasn't there when I ran into the problem.

It is interesting that I never get the Alt Text warning (I'm fine with that, the site shouldn't be so nanny-ish). That may be a clue. Perhaps something is getting hung trying to show me the Alt Text warning? However, that doesn't explain why it works with HTML IMG tag instead of markup, unless that generates no Alt Text warning.

25 Jul 2020

I just posted a question on meta with an image successfully. Instead of editing the Markdown for the image to HTML, I deleted the mention of alt text in the Markdown. I don't remember exactly what the Markdown looked like as a result of the image button but something like "Image alt text" in brackets. I deleted the "alt text" part, and was able to post the question without any problem. Hopefully this is a clue.

Why should this post be closed?


Norepro at the moment - JS enabled? Anything show up in your browser console? ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 3 months ago

Browser console - hit F12 and pick the Console tab, it's where any useful debugging information will go. ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 3 months ago

@ArtOfCode: See addition to question. ‭Olin Lathrop‭ 2 months ago

I have a suspicion that this is down to the check for alt text, but without a solid repro it's hard to prove that... ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 2 months ago

alt text is highly recommended and serves multiple purposes, including: provide information to those can't view the image (you'd be amazed how many blind people browse the web), provide a preview for those who don't load images automatically - i.e., so they know whether they should bother to load the images or not on a slow connection), and search engines. It only takes a few seconds to add alt text. It doesn't have to be long - 2 to 5 words will usually get the point across. ‭manassehkatz‭ 2 months ago

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