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Why is there a voting limit?


I was just informed I've reached my daily voting limit. I didn't know Codidact had a voting limit. Why is there a voting limit?

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For the purposes of making sure the system's actually working properly – which site did you get this notification on? DonielF 27 days ago

@DonielF first on Judaism then checked again here on the meta with the same results. Harel13 26 days ago

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We had (and unfortunately still have) a nasty troll, that attempts to downvote all the questions and creates sock accounts for that to escape suspensions. To stop them, we had to employ some limitations. Voting limitations will likely stay in general, although we can and will improve the exact mechanism.

The process currently works like this:

You have at minimum N votes (defaults to 5, can be changed per-site). To that we add the number of reputation points you have minus 1 (your initial reputation). This results of the maximum amount of votes you can use in a rolling 24 hour window.

Update: There was a bug with calculating the vote limit, which has been fixed now.


Understood. Thanks for the info! Harel13 27 days ago

(Not sure if this is is worth an own Q/A:) : I'm currently receiving a popup message: "Failed: You have used your daily vote limit: 0/0 (403)" when trying to vote on site proposals. Is this only a glitch? (I could upvote other Q/As a few days ago... in doubt, I'd try again later...) Marco13 22 days ago

@Marco13 If you haven't seen it yet, this issue has been answered in a comment to this question user53100 19 days ago

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