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Self-Delete Reason


If a post is Closed by others, I assume there is a requirement (similar to Some Other sties) for a Close Reason.

However, if I delete a post myself (e.g., I just deleted an Answer to ), all I do is click DELETE and OK and it is gone. I think it would be very helpful for moderators/etc. to know why an item was self-deleted. Reasons can vary quite a bit, including:

  • I found out more about the question (in this case, someone pointed out history of changes - one key word made quite a difference) and decided my answer no longer applied.
  • I decided based on feedback (comments or downvotes) that my Q or A was not high-enough quality to keep around.
  • I decided my answer wasn't really complete yet and wanted to delete it until I was ready to finish it. See

This could be a selection from a short list, or a free-form field like Edit Summary.

Why should this post be closed?


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