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What is an easy way to determine my Trust Level?


I'd like to:

  1. suggest usage guidance or detailed wikis for tags (e.g.
  2. draw attention to possible typos (e.g.
  3. upvote (e.g.

but don't know how. I suspect chat would be the easiest way to address all the above but there I have the problem described by beechmasters here: and apparently Support Team Responses are Delayed due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, I wonder whether it is or includes limitations due to my Trust Level.

Why should this post be closed?


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While trust levels are going to replace reputation eventually, they are still being designed. So currently, we use a reputation system, which was included in the base software (QPixel by ArtOfCode) we use for developing this site.

Your reputation is shown next to your user name (currently: 20).

To answer your three "tasks":

  1. For suggesting changes to tag settings it's probably okay to post on Meta (or in the meta category of the site) for now. Moderators will notice them and can make the change for you. You could also start a meta thread, where other users (and you) can post suggestions in answers, which mods can regularly check and follow up on.
  2. It should be possible to suggest edits for every logged-in user.
  3. Upvotes should be possible for every logged-in user, too, with some recent rate limits.

The chat is an independent third-party software we use, so this shouldn't be related to any reputation or trust level.

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Many thanks. Re 3. I have just now been able to upvote (a) this A and now (b) the Q here: Re 1. I plan to try a Meta Q re a tag edit. Re 2. I plan to try a Meta Q for that also. pnuts 19 days ago

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