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Should there be a community here for Linux users?


Codidact finally took off. A collective dream was named Codidact. This is now a Q & A website. Congratulations.

I used Stack Exchange [SE] most times for Linux questions. When I come across difficulties I search in DuckDuckGo and I find SE, or/and Quora.

Why should this post be closed?

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Have you seen *nix here:,, discussions in Chat and are you aware of the need to gather some "seed" users with like interest? pnuts 24 days ago

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Right now we don't have a good way of identifying people who would help build a new community, so let's do this: if you are interested in helping to build this site, please leave a comment describing your level of interest (casual visitor, enthusiast, expert in this topic within the site's scope, something else?). I'll edit them into the post later.


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