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Need a better way of finding unanswered questions (pt 2)


Yes, I have recycled the Title because although progress has been made (i.e. this Q: has been answered and has a [status-completed] tag) the current feature is a long way short of what I would consider well on the 'good' side of 'satisfactory'.

I do quite often refer to Q&A sites but very rarely ask Qs. My participation is heavily towards answering Qs. Except in respect of moderation activities I have very little interest in Qs with As that have been accepted or, where acceptance is not a feature, answered. Currently it is not too onerous to rely on the existing feature for the requisite differentiation, but when volumes increase I predict this will soon become too tedious to suit me. I would rather cease to contribute often, or perhaps at all.

Though I write here from a very subjective perspective, amongst those who, in general, tend to answer more often than they ask I doubt I differ significantly from many others in respect of this post. Based solely on quantity (showing on Stack Overflow [SO]: 4,125 answers 0 questions) I consider myself an 'expert' for current purposes (though on a site that presently has no equivalent on Codidact). 'Experts' seem critical for the success of Codidact and driving even a few away could be catastrophic. For example, with the (less than ideal) example of a popular tag on SO, of about 200,000 answered Qs, about 40,000 were provided by merely the 20 users ranked as Top Answerers All Time for the tag.

SO does have a substantial number of users who monitor the "front page" for long spells at a time (seemingly not yet the case anywhere on Codidact) which reduces the difficulty of finding unanswered Qs, but it also has the facility to search specifically for unanswered Qs (answers:0).

I believe Codidact needs something similar as a matter of high importance, though not great urgency.

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