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How to change my avatar?


At one stage I was assigned by Codidact an avatar grabbed from Stack Exchange [SE]. Subsequently I have been assigned a different avatar. I'd prefer to revert to the SE version throughout Codidact.

I went to my profile (by clicking my avatar) and then clicked on Edit ( and Browse… . I selected a 17K JPG file with JPG extension and 'Open'ed it. The file name appeared just to the right of the Browse… button. When I then clicked on Save a banner appeared:

Couldn't update your profile.

and under Edit Profile:

There were some errors while saving your profile:
•	Avatar must be a valid image

I tried again with a slightly larger (75K) bitmap image file with bmp extension and received the same banner and error message.

Why should this post be closed?


Unable to repro on jpg, I don't think bitmap images are supported. Can you post the jpg? Sigma 18 days ago

@Sigma I tried again, same result. I tried editing the image into my OP: "Images must be one of png,jpeg,jpg,gif." Don't bother for my sake, but the image is here: pnuts 18 days ago

@pnuts that's not the original image; that's the image after Gravatar has processed it, which changes things. Can you put the original file up somewhere (or email it to me - [email protected]) ArtOfCode 18 days ago

Huh, so you don't really look like a cow with a rainbow coming out of your head? Olin Lathrop 17 days ago

I can repro this with the file you sent me. It seems like the file is malformed somehow - we do a check on file extension and whether the file can be parsed as an image, and if either fail then we throw the error you're getting. I'm sending you back a file that's been reformatted and which works for me - try again with that and see what happens. ArtOfCode 16 days ago

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