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Should bug reports go on or on GitHub? (or both, or either, or neither) [closed]


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Given that QPixel is open source, shouldn't bug reports go on the GitHub repo instead of as a Q&A on meta? The description on says "Our meta site for issues regarding community and network governance", not about feature requests and bugs. But they are explicitly one of the four choices for required tags section?

Especially since Codidact is only one instance of any number, because QPixel is self-hostable, putting the issues on one of the instances makes it seem, like, too centralised?

Whichever we choose, I think it should be only one because this fragmentation is a little silly IMO

Feature requests make a bit more sense to be here because they involve more discussion from the wider community, but maybe they should be initially proposed here and then their implementation tracked as a GitHub issue?

Or perhaps GitHub issues are too high a barrier to entry for non-programmers (needs an account, and basic knowledge of how GitHub works) and I'm oversimplifying it because I personally am comfortable with GitHub?

Edit: I just discovered there is also a Trello board (although I think it makes sense to have this as well, as a public window into the internal status/development)

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While not exactly the same question per se, this is addressed in answers to the duplicate target question. aCVn 24 days ago

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