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Personal Productivity site


I'm wondering if there would be any interest in a personal productivity Codidact site.

Some things I can see being discussed on such a site:

  • methods of organizing things that need to be done and/or tracked (Getting Things Done, Scrum, Kanban, ...), and how to achieve a specific goal within those systems
  • how to organize physical and digital artefacts so that they can be recalled, found and referenced easily
  • how to deal with interruptions
  • how to use time more efficiently

The personal part of "personal productivity" would be as opposed to corporate productivity; it's primarily about things individuals can do and control, as opposed to those that would be outside of individual control. This also includes when those things that individuals can control are done and used within a team or corporate setting.

The site would specifically not be about any particular method or system. So questions about GTD, Scrum and Kanban would coexist with those about others or those that don't even discuss any particular system of organization and time management at all.

Is there interest for something like this?

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Right now we don't have a good way of identifying people who would help build a new community, so let's do this: if you are interested in helping to build this site, please leave a comment describing your level of interest (casual visitor, enthusiast, expert in this topic within the site's scope, something else?). I'll edit them into the post later.


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