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Should bugs and feature requests go to local Metas or Meta.Codidact?


When users of a Codidact site come up with bugs or feature requests that are not specific to that site:

  • Is it preferable that they post to their local Meta or to Meta.Codidact?

  • Is one of these options strictly the correct practice?

  • If not, what are the pros and cons of each?

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Well you did ask this on the codidact meta :) Dani 21 days ago

@pnuts if people only participate on one site and there seems to be a place right there to report issues or make requests, it will seem natural to some to do so. The downside, as you say, is that fewer people will see it or know it's already been reported -- but we shouldn't assume that all users will instinctively go to main meta. Monica Cellio 21 days ago

It seems to me that the simple fix for this is to include a very short statement about it at the top of per-site Metas and a bold/warning/reminder statement about it when Asking a question on per-site Meta. That should take care of most people who either don't know there is Meta.Codidact or don't know that they should ask there. Anyone who comes here for a specific community may have no idea that there is Meta.Codidact. manassehkatz 21 days ago

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If you know that a bug or feature request is broader than just your site, it's better to post it on main meta if you can. (Things known to be specific to one site belong on the per-site meta.) Reporting bugs or requesting features on main meta should mean less duplication compared to reports on (possibly multiple) per-site metas. A post on main meta also has broader visibility, meaning more people are in a position to contribute to the discussion. This extra visibility might, in some cases, get you an answer from another community member (like a workaround for a bug) before a Codidact team member has ever seen it. For feature requests in particular, knowing how other sites would use the requested change (or what obstacles they would face with it) is helpful info we wouldn't get from posts on per-site metas.

But that's a preference, not a requirement. If you (or your users) post it on the per-site meta, either because people don't want to come to main meta or out of lack of awareness, that's fine. We'll see it, and we're not going to get hung up on "you should have posted this over there". Besides, people don't always know what's a per-site configuration issue versus a general issue. If we get duplicate bug reports we'll collapse them at our end.

Where you post doesn't affect response time from the Codidact team. We feed all new meta posts into one bin for processing, along with issues reported on GitHub and things discovered directly by the development team. We're not using any of the metas as issue trackers but, rather, issue feeders. (That said, we do make our best effort to go back to wherever an issue was reported to update status when we resolve it.)


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