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Duplicate Questions?


Are duplicate questions a concern here as well? Is the old banner of "repository of good Q&A" still a thing?

Has there been any consideration to some of the old suggestions regarding duplicate question handling? i.e. having a separate bin of questions that get "graduated" to "Repo" status.

Or something of a Code review site.

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AFAICT, there are some, but few duplicates, probably because the sites are quite new. Some changes to closure and duplicate marking are being deliberated, but nowhere near implemented AFAIK. No Code Review, but you can suggest one in the Site Proposals category. luap42 19 days ago

I'm not looking for a code review site, I was wondering something like that would be relevant to handling duplicate questions; I've seen a mock up from another question that looks like we handle them very similarly to SO, but not much else deliberation on them. I'm still left to assume we have similar goals here for repository like curation then? Culyx 9 days ago

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