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Can we get a page with links to all of the top level posts from across the network as they are created?


Currently in order to check for new posts on the sites I am interested in, I have to visit the sites individually.

Since the posts are stored in one DB would it be possible to get a page here that has the titles (linked to the posts) of all the posts in the order they are created from all of the sites?

I would really like to eventually have an amalgamated feed of just the sites I am interested in (like reddit) but I think that all sites would be a good starting point.

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Ideally, this would be done at itself, but that's not possible right now. We'll have a look at doing something like this, but it'll be taking a back seat for now - other features are higher priority!

For now, there are a couple of ways to find new stuff:

  • the Codidact Communities Discord has an RSS feed of new posts into each community's general channel.
  • there's also the semi-secret dashboard, which doesn't list new posts but does show you when there's been new activity you haven't yet seen


Re the dashboard: It uses the information of whether you have opened the category (you’ll see a grey bubble in the category menu if you haven’t), so accessing the category page should clear it too. luap42 11 days ago

@ArtOfCode Is there (or will there be) a way to get to the dashboard without directly using that link? Dani 10 days ago


You can already get something somewhat kinda-sorta similar to what you're asking for, but you have to work a little to set it up and it's not actually integrated into the Codidact UI.

The key is that each category on each site has its own RSS (technically: Atom) feed. It's linked to near the bottom of each category page.

You can add the respective feeds for whatever categories you're interested in to whatever feed reader you prefer, and (ideally) each time there's activity that bumps a post on the category front page, it will show up in the feed reader.

It gives you the title, the URL to, and the first some 200 characters of the top-level post content. (For most categories, that's the question post.)

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I saw that, but there was no explanation what a "RSS feed" was, so I ignored it. Does that mean it will send me email? How does one go about receiving the content of a "RSS feed"? You mention "feed reader". That sounds like yet another app I'd need to keep running, which is not desirable. Olin Lathrop 10 days ago

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