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Hide Deleted Comments


In places where I can see deleted comments (admin/moderator, possibly also comments I wrote myself and deleted (not sure if that's the case or not)), they should be secondary to the active comments. Specifically, I found a post where there have been many comments, and several of the older ones have been deleted. Because there are many comments, only the first 'n' are displayed when initially viewing the post. But because there are many deleted comments, I have to click for "more" in order to see the ones that are actually active and relevant.

I suggest one of the following:

  • Whenever there are deleted comments, show something like 3 Deleted Comments with a button/link to display the details in-line.

  • If there are more than 'n' comments such that not all comments are initially displayed, and there are any groups of 2 or more deleted comments within 'n', then display any deleted comments as 3 Deleted comments etc. as noted above and count the notice of deleted comments as if it were 1 comment. Example, with n = 8:

    • 1 active
    • 3 deleted
    • 2 active
    • 4 deleted
    • 5 active

Current display: 1 active, 3 deleted, 2 active, 2 deleted, "more = 7"

Proposed display: 1 active, 1 deleted placeholder, 2 active, 1 deleted placeholder, 3 active, "more = 2"

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@pnuts It is something that only moderators or high-level users would see. But Meta Q&A is the place for that too. manassehkatz‭ 4 months ago

The comment reworking (for threaded comments) will affect this too, so deferring until after that (even though I too find the current behavior annoying). Monica Cellio‭ 28 days ago

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I, too, find that the deleted comments get in the way, but I'd propose a simpler structure. We mods and admins don't need to see the entire structure in an overview; we just need to know that there are deleted comments (and how many) and have a way to show them. I propose that there are three states:

  1. undeleted comments only (with this indicator), displayed as normal
  2. all undeleted comments (the normal user's view after clicking on "show N more comments")
  3. all comments including deleted ones

For people who can see deleted comments, I would add "(show N deleted)" after the comments header ("X comments"). Clicking that would go to state #3. Otherwise, clicking on the usual "show N more comments" link at the bottom would go to state #2.

I would put the clickable indicator for deleted comments at the top, so moderators are warned up front and only discover there are 17 more (deleted) comments after they see the parts of a flamewar that made it through.

Comments are due for an overhaul, including threading and archiving, which will lessen the current problem. Whatever we do for deleted comments now will have to be reworked then, so let's keep it simple.

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Yup, this sounds good. The current situation isn't working well where we see all the deleted comments in a dark color. That is seriously distracting from seeing and understanding the comment flow as viewed by ordinary users. We don't need anything fancy. Olin Lathrop‭ 27 days ago

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