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Hot Posts link to Blog leads to 404


Clicking on "Help us help you: please show your support for site proposals" under "Hot Posts" leads to, a 404, instead of to

Why should this post be closed?


No repro here - the link I see is pointing at ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 3 months ago

@ArtOfCode I can reproduce. It’s not the featured link, but the one of the hot posts. It’s likely the wrong URL generation function (needs to be generic share link). ‭luap42 is a ghost 👻 ‭ 3 months ago

Ah, looking in the wrong place. Yep, repro. ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 3 months ago

@Art repro. The featured link is different from the hot link. ‭Monica Cellio‭ 3 months ago

1 answer


Looks like we were assuming everything in the hot posts list was a question. I've changed it to use a post-type-aware helper now; this should be fixed, pending deploy.


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