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Show User's Vote on List of Posts


Since Codidact shows + and - votes on the list of posts, would it be possible (practical...) to show if the currently logged in User has voted on each post? When displaying an individual post, there is a clear indicator (colored triangle). It could be shown in the list of posts by bold + color of either the +# or -#. This would be helpful to me because if I have already voted on a post then I am likely not so interested in visiting it again unless I see new activity. Or alternatively, seeing recent activity on a post which I have voted on might make me more likely to want to click into it again to see what has changed.

The only catch is that I don't know the cost (query time) of checking for user votes for all posts on the page.

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Do you want this info passively (like for skimming), or just actively (without clicking through, have I voted on this?)? We have a design (thus far not implemented) for an "expanded view in place" on the list page; its main purpose is to summarize answers, but maybe we could add this if that would meet the need. ‭Monica Cellio‭ 2 months ago

More for skimming. The idea is that it would add more information without taking any additional space on screen, and in a way (e.g., same color as "voted" indicator on individual post page) that would be really obvious to the User without taking away from anything else. ‭manassehkatz‭ 2 months ago

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Having had a look into this, the cost of doing this in terms of database and page load time is prohibitive. Perhaps it's doable with some caching here and there, but at that point we're investing way more than we're getting out of this. [status-declined] for now.


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