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All of my own SE sources questions and answers give me 500 errors


This may overlap with but I think this is different. I just signed-up this weekend, took a look around, and tried the Link to Stack Exchange feature. Ever since, I can't view any question here which was sourced from SE and in which I participated as either asker or answerer, each one results in status 500. Also, search results sometimes give me 500s as well- I have wondered if maybe all search results are "mine," for example when looking up the term "pycnofibers" on Scientific Speculation.

Here's a sample error guid from Outdoors, 95cbf403-249a-44d4-b70d-713354b61712

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Looks like user IDs didn't get changed over properly - not quite sure why, but I'll have a poke at it. I've fixed it manually for now.

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Appears to be resolved. Thank you! ‭cobaltduck‭ 2 months ago

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