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Have permalink button show a popup instead of redirecting


Currently, when I click the "permalink" button on a post, it just sends me to the permalink URL, which is kind of unintuitive - it took me a couple seconds to realize that the page hadn't just reloaded and the URL had changed.

Could we instead have a popup show up when you click the button, which shows you the permalink URL? (and hopefully has a "copy to clipboard" button as well)

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Why is there a different permalink URL in the first place? Olin Lathrop‭ 19 days ago

I just tried it, and clicking on Permalink resulted in exactly the same URL I was already at. So why do we need a Permalink button at all? What am I missing? Olin Lathrop‭ 19 days ago

@OlinLathrop It's only useful on answers. Moshi‭ 19 days ago

@Moshi: Ah, so the permalink for an answer gets you to that specific answer, as apposed to the page containing that answer. That makes sense. If Permalink doesn't do anything for a question, then it should probably be removed to avoid this confusion. Olin Lathrop‭ 19 days ago

@OlinLathrop go create a feature-request for it :) (Though IMO it's probably not worth the effort - afaik questions and answers use the same template) Moshi‭ 19 days ago

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The Permalink control now allows you to copy a working URL for the post through the usual browser affordance (right-click + "copy URL" on desktop browsers, long-press on touch interfaces). Oddly, it's not the same URL you get if you actually click the control, but at least you can get a working link that way. (This was not always the case. I don't know whether it behaved this way back when you asked this question.)

I agree that some visible response to clicking it would be good, since all the other things below a post are actions and not naked links. But I wanted to at least document what currently works.

Update: "Permalink" has been changed to "copy link", and clicking it copies the link to your clipboard.

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