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Block adding answers and editing of question/answers of deleted questions.


A deleted question should:

  • Be viewable only by author, Moderators and appropriate high-TL users.
  • Not allow new comments or editing of comments on question or answers.
  • Not allow new answers.
  • Not allow editing of question or answers.

Currently, new answers are allowed and editing of questions and answers is allowed.

In response to some of the comments & answers, Some Other sites have two very different "question goes inactive" statuses:

  • Deleted - This is what I am talking about here. The question is basically "gone" except for viewing by Author, Moderators and very high privilege users. This is for hate/spam/gibberish.
  • Closed - This is the "maybe you can make it better" status. Not inherently bad, just not good enough. This is for duplicate/poor quality/off-topic. There is hope it can be fixed (explanation of why it isn't a duplicate, improve content and formatting, focus to be more on-topic).

As far as I am concerned, Deleted questions really need no new activity at all. Possibly comments by Author/Moderators/high-privilege-users but that is it. Closed questions, on the other hand, could have much more activity, particularly including edits to improve the question.

Why should this post be closed?


-1 because I disagree with some of the points. ‭msh210‭ about 2 months ago

Questions deleted by users can be deleted in error, so while it's usually spam or trolling, there could also be a misunderstanding, language barrier, overzealous deleter, or whatever. ‭Monica Cellio‭ about 2 months ago

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I strongly agree that being able to add a new answer after a question has been deleted doesn't make sense, and that most people also shouldn't be able to add comments. (Moderators should be able to, and see the comments for another suggestion.)

I think the author should be able to edit a deleted post toward the goal of getting it undeleted. We don't want people to just create new ones, particularly answers (where the dead bodies of deleted answers pile up for people who can see them).1 And if we allow the author to edit, we should probably allow edits from people who are able to edit directly. It might not make sense to support suggested edits, as relatively few people would see and be able to review them.

  1. I recognize that this question is about deleted questions, but answers and articles can also be deleted and we should be consistent in how we handle deleted posts.

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+1: I agree with this and would add only that commenting should also be allowed so the author and deleter can communicate about improvements. ‭msh210‭ about 2 months ago

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