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Does Codidact want to silence its users as SE does?


After joining Codidact and then reading many posts, I concluded that Codidact is a place allowing people to express their opposing ideas freely, unlike SE.

But, something happened that I had to doubt my conclusion: this post was closed as not constructive (?!).

As we know, SE users cannot express their opinions freely because of the following, which are not acted by the community team themselves but are implicitly confirmed by them:

(Consider a user posting their opposing opinion, which is too harsh to most active meta users including some moderators, on a meta site)

  • In the first step, the active meta users attack the post by their heavy downvotes, and then close and delete it because of some wrong reasons such as being "off-topic" or "opinion-based".

  • If the user wants to continue posting their opposing opinions on the meta, the active meta users downvote, close, and delete them or even some of their posts on the main site in order to cause the user post-banned.

  • Finally, if the user wants to continue expressing their opinions through other ways like chatting, the moderators suspend the user for a while (it can be one year) to cool down the user.

Now, my question is whether Codidact wants to continue their older brother's (or sister's) way, SE, or not.

Why should this post be closed?


As the one who closed it, I feel like I should offer my reason. The way I read it, it was basically a rant: "an unfortunate thing for this community is that when you report some bug on Meta, you are not usually received any response". Both of the examples you listed 1. are your own, which to me was a flag that you just wanted to call attention to those posts, and 2. have comments which you never responded to ‭Moshi‭ 28 days ago

I didn't close it because I thought it was opinion based - You're free to suggest whatever you want (and posts tagged with [discussion] are naturally opinion based anyway.) I closed it because, as the close reason says, "It's not possible to learn something from possible answers, except for the solution for the specific problem of the asker." The entire post read, paraphrased, ‭Moshi‭ 28 days ago

There are bugs for me, and it lacks the functionality I want, so please work on that instead of other things (launching new communities) ‭Moshi‭ 28 days ago

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Let's not be disingenuous, eh?

The rule is, and has always been, that anyone is welcome to post here as long as they're in line with the Code of Conduct, which is short, simple, and to the point.

Having your post downvoted, closed, commented upon, etc etc, is not a way of silencing you; it's the community expressing its support - or lack thereof. You're not going to be suspended for expressing your opinion, as long as you do so respectfully.

Let's not conflate the two?


Thanks for your answer. I was not (and am not) annoyed by downvotes; quite the contrary, I like to be downvoted and opposed. But, when I saw that my meta post had been closed as not constructive, I thought that the unwritten SE policy also exists here. I did not conflate the two. By the way, as you can read my post, I never violated the Code of Conduct and always tried to treat respectfully. ‭MathPhysics‭ 28 days ago

@MathPhysics for sure - if you'd been treating folks disrespectfully or violating the CoC, you'd already be suspended :) ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 28 days ago


I truly understand your concerns. I'll try to address at least some of them.

If you don't understand some actions or disagree with them try to clarify whether you got the situation correctly. That's life: mistakes happen. In case of closed Q try to set flag to the post and describe your thoughts [ actually it is how I reacted ].

In case no reaction is followed then ask here (as you've done). But try to be specific and objective. First of all I suggest using good old rule: "Assume good intent". Don't judge and/or don't conclude worst in case there is no strong evidence.

For example, instead of asking

Does Codidact want to silence its users as SE does?

it would be better to ask something that is really related to the problem:

What would be a good reason to close a question that has "discussion" tag ?


How should user react if they think their Q was closed by mistake ?

I see you've received some downvotes but I believe it's not because of "what" you ask but rather "how" you're doing it.

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Thanks for your answer. My concern here is not why my meta post was closed. But, when I saw that my meta post had been closed as not constructive, I thought that the unwritten SE policy also exists here. If I had wanted to judge, I would have never asked my question here. By the way, I do not dislike any downvote and do not have any problem with any user. ‭MathPhysics‭ 28 days ago

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