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Automatically clean up tags with zero posts


There are currently seven tags with zero posts associated with them in the Meta Q&A category1 (excluding tags like TibetLhasatourpackage which have deleted posts associated with them.) These tags are kind of annoying since they clog up the suggested tags list (and the tags page when sorting by hierarchy, since that sorts alphabetically) and just don't serve any purpose.

As the community grows older, these tags will accumulate, since currently they must be manually deleted. Therefore, I propose that the system should automatically delete tags that have zero posts associated with them to keep the tag list clean. Tags can just be created again if a post really needs it for some reason, so I can't think of any cons to doing this.

  1. One of which is status-launched, which I'm fairly sure is in Q&A category tags by mistake. That tag is used only in Site Proposals.

Why should this post be closed?

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We should do something non-destructive if the tag has a description, for those cases where someone did things in the wrong order with a tag re-org or the like. (SE did this badly; mods got a list of "orphan tag wikis" with no indication of where they'd come from.) ‭Monica Cellio‭ 20 days ago

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I think that if the tag has a (long- or short-form) description then it should not be automatically deleted. I can imagine a case where some enterprising soul writes descriptions for every conceivable tag in a set (e.g. every book of the Bible, for the Judaism site, or every core Perl 5 function, for the Software site) even though only some of them have posts. It would be a shame to discard that work.


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