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How do I turn off keyboard shortcuts?


I'm sure there are people who love the keyboard shortcuts.

However, I find them to (a) be somewhat overzealous (just now, I was somehow redirected to the "ask question" page while I was writing an answer), and (b) not really add any value for me.

Therefore, I would like to turn them off for me.

Most other sites that have keyboard shortcuts have some kind of setting that allows turning them off, but I can't find anything like that on Codidact.

How can I turn off keyboard shortcuts on Codidact?

Why should this post be closed?


Nothing yet exists, but I'll add to my list to add a way to turn it off via some preference-kind-of-thing. ‭luap42‭ 20 days ago

@luap42 Quite honestly, I think adding a preference to turn keyboard shortcuts on rather than off would be more appropriate. Default off means that users who aren't signed in, and who might not be that familiar with Codidact, wouldn't be subjected to them. I think it's better to save such power features for those users who actually want them. (This comment partly prompted by the fact that I was redirected to the sign-in page while reading an answer while not signed in.) ‭aCVn‭ 17 days ago

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