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No shadow is not enough disabled.


ul.pagination li.prev.disabled

Image alt text

Why should this post be closed?

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Could you clarify what you mean by this? Are you suggesting that the unclickable (disabled) buttons should be more obvious? ‭Moshi‭ 13 days ago

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Suggestion: add a cursor: not-allowed; CSS rule to make it obvious the element is non-clickable.

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If you think there is room for discussion, how about porting this suggestion to a new question? If you think there is not, how about directly opening a pull request with this? ‭8063‭ 12 days ago


Suggestion: use different colors for disabled elements—dark gray for the text and light gray for the background, for example.



Add opacity:

Image of CSS pager



I count current style is good enough to keep it as is. Moreover I personally wouldn't even notice all currently proposed changes (opacity, transparency, cursor, etc) - I don't care about design while it's decent.

To be honest I'm a bit surprised to see this kind of Q here: Do we really have to discuss such a small things ? Though it's a totally different topic.


I think making the user experience better and more accessible for a wider range of users is a good discussion to have. Some people have different visual acuity than others, and we wouldn't want to inadvertently exclude someone or make their experience worse when accommodating them can be as simple as a CSS change. ‭ShowMeBillyJo‭ 12 days ago

@ShowMeBillyJo I'm afraid it leads to endless discussion about styles. There are FrontEnd&Design leaders already - if someone has a good proposal why not contact them directly? ‭FoggyFinder‭ 12 days ago

if someone has a good proposal why not contact them directly? <== we do that all the time ==> this is not a case because I thought reactions would be mixed instead of mostly positive ‭8063‭ 12 days ago

@FoggyFinder I'm making a particular point about material issues of accessibility for users who are dis/differently-abled. This isn't a theoretical, slippery-slope discussion for them, it's real life. ‭ShowMeBillyJo‭ 12 days ago

@ShowMeBillyJo You seems like ignoring the second part of my comment. Have you attempted to point out on this existent issue through discord chat or any other way ? ‭FoggyFinder‭ 12 days ago

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