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Only send one notification per comment


In my notifications box, I had two notifications:

Notifications screenshot

You were mentioned in a comment

mark unread


New comment on Should we show tags before the body, to provide context for reading the question?

mark unread

The problem is, both of them refer to the same comment - the commenter mentioned me in their comment (one notification) on my post (another notification). Clicking on one of them only marked the one as read, I had to manually mark the other.

Could the two of them be merged into one notification, or otherwise have the system send only one notification when this situation occurs?

Why should this post be closed?


Strong agree, and also 'collapse i "New answer to your question 'whatever...'" notifications into a single "i new answers to your question 'whatever...'"'. ‭.                                                .‭ about 1 month ago

1 answer


This has been completed. The changes will hopefully be deployed soon.

Now, the author of the parent post will no longer be pinged if mentioned. However, it might be possible, that this means that the second mentioned user won't get a notification, too, so only ping the author when neccessary (because they always get a notification).


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