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What does "status-declined" tag mean when it's added to discussion type of questions?


Meaning of the status-declined tag is clear in case of feature request, bug type of question or, even, flags. But "discussion"? It's confusing.

Context: Voluntariness vs. Responsibility, which of them should be considered as a priority for the community team?

Initially I've thought it is a mistake (I really can't realize how discussion can be declined) but the flag was rejected with unambiguous response. Btw, response to the flag is a nice feature: helpful and looks neat.

So this Q is attempt to clarify the issue until description for this tag isn't provided.

Why should this post be closed?


I assume it is because of the poster's implicit request that Codidact volunteers work like paid workers, which is certainly something that can be declined. ‭Moshi‭ 25 days ago

@Moshi But the last sentence makes clear it was a question/assumption and not a request. Tbh, such request (and even Q) doesn't make any sense to me. Obviously it's impossible. ‭FoggyFinder‭ 25 days ago

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I wasn't the one who added the tag, and I didn't handle the flag. But the way I see it, the [status-declined] tag was added specifically because of this line:

The Codidact community team have accepted to be the staff and run the community. So, in my opinion, if Codidact is an aspiring platform, one may expect that they work as paid staff do.

Am I right?

And for that, the answer is a resounding no. (See the answers there for a more in-depth explanation on why.)

Since the main point of the question is asking "can I expect this", and the answer is "absolutely not", the request to be able to expect that volunteers behave like paid staff is being declined.

It is a bit confusing, though, I'll agree; but it gets the point across that the point being raised here has been considered and declined.


Yeah. I was the one adding the tag and declining the flag. As you said, I saw the one part as a "request/suggestion" rather than discussion, which could be status-declined. Also, I added the tag to make the answer more "official Codidact reply"-like. ‭luap42 is a ghost 👻 ‭ 25 days ago

Okay, got it. So it is an exception due to poor wording of the Q. I disagree with the decision but at least now I understand why it was handled that way. Thanks. ‭FoggyFinder‭ 25 days ago

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