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All footnotes lead to the question.


If there is a proper footnote (using the links) in the question of the post and in any of the answers1, and you click on a footnote in the answer, it will lead to the footnote that is part of the question.

  1. Examples of this are here, and here.

Why should this post be closed?


Bonus round: Dani and I tested this with my linked answer earlier, by changing my footnote to [3] instead of [1]. Didn't help; it displays and acts like [1], with this bug in force. ‭DonielF‭ 24 days ago

I'll hazard a guess that the problem is that whatever renders the Markdown to HTML sees only one post (the question, or a single answer) at a time. So the ID numbering starts over at 1 for each new post, resulting in multiple #fn1, #fn2 and so on anchors in the document tree. A brute force solution to that might be to simply patch that code to use GUIDs as anchors instead of numbers, but display numbers. That'll probably break external links to footnotes, but I think we can live with that. ‭Canina‭ 22 days ago

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