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Post on Stack Exchange and Codidact


I would prefer to post questions in Codidact than on Stack Exchange and I want to contribute to Codidact by doing so. However, I am certain that the probability of getting a useful answer is higher on Stack Exchange.

Is there any problem on me posting on Codidact an exact copy of the (new) questions I post in Stack Exchange?

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You own your posts and are free to do with them as you choose, including posting them in more than one place -- here, Stack Exchange, Quora, Reddit, etc. By posting on Codidact you grant us a license to use your posts, but it's not an exclusive license.

Thank you for supporting Codidact! If you find a good answer to a question you've asked here, regardless of where you found it, remember that you can post an answer (in your own words and following the guidelines for referencing other material). If you should get that good answer on Codidact first, then you might consider self-answering there with a summary and link to the answer here, too.



I'll post here the same answer I posted for the Judaism.Codidact variant of this question:

Codidact and Stack Exchange are two independent sites. They may have similar functionality at a cursory glance, and they may have overlapping user bases, but they're unrelated entities.

Go for it. And if you get an answer over there, feel free to link it back over here.

Adapting my continuation there, depending on the Codidact community you can directly import all of your SE content or ask an admin to import it for you.



Is there any problem on me posting on Codidact an exact copy of the (new) questions I post in Stack Exchange?

When posting in Codidact you implicitly agree to the terms of service, code of conduct, and privacy policy.

When posting in Stack Exchange other conditions apply.

I can see nothing in terms of service (Codidact) preventing posting duped content firstly posted in Stack Exchange.

The rest of considerations are in my opinion off topic.


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