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I cannot understand the meaning of disrespectful.


(Please note that I write this post only for the record. I personally do not hope that some changes will be made.)

I have been informed of some contradictory policies (attitudes), which I personally do not care, but they may cause some abuses threatening the Codidact future.

They are not disrespectful?!!!!!

Besides my previous experience in which someone called one of my posts "rant", there are some new experiences none of which has been considered as disrsepectful. Let us take a look at them.

The author of this post talk about my post in their last paragraph:

As an aside, the specific post you refer to was mishandled. ... When trolls make absurd suggestions like that, they only make themselves look stupid. By deleting it, you deprived others the opportunity to see what a troll this user was, and in some way legitimized the point by taking it seriously. Just downvote and laugh it off instead of feeding the troll.

Another example:

In a comment under this post, the commenter describes my post in the following way:

The post is however classic internet trolling: not interested in contributing constructively but posting for the sole reason to cause conflict and drama.

Attributing offensive words such as "troll", "stupid", "absurd", ... to a specific user or their actions is not an example of disrespectfulness?

I personally do not have any problem with their behavior towards me; even, I did not flag such posts. In fact, I easily ignore people attacking me without arguing reasonably.

I am disrespectful?!!!!!

In the previous part, we saw some examples of respectfulness. Let us see whether the last paragraph of my meta post is disrespectful or not.

The authorities do not allow me to quote my deleted paragraph, so you can see it in the initial version of the answer.

As you can see, no offensive word was used in the paragraph.

A moderator explains in this answer why the post is disrespectful as follows.

The answer, especially in the broader context of the question (from the same author) and other activity, came across as disrespectful bordering on personal attack.

This claim is obviously false. I always use respectful language in my posts, which is completely clear in my posts on Meta. Some community team only claim that my post is disrespectful without showing any evidence.

In that paragraph, having been informed that Codidact is not the first priority of each of the community team (This fact is also confirmed in this answer), I stated that they can make some other decisions in case they have not enough free time (My opinion might be wrong, but it is not disrespectful at all).

The moderator continues:

"you should all step down and give me complete power" doesn't sound very constructive.

This is another false claim; I never said that. I only mentioned a sentence in parentheses stating that if you are unable to find unpaid employees, I can do that in case I have some authority. I mentioned such a statement only because of preventing some people asking me to show unpaid employees. In fact, only viewing a sentence in parentheses and ignoring the main text is not constructive.

Some Advice

I want to end this post with the following advice:

  • You may face some options on Meta, with which you are disagree; in such cases, you can downvote them and express your opinions in comments. However, there are some people who cannot argue reasonably against an opinion, so they may try to attack the author of the opinion in comments or other posts by using offensive words or wild character assassination. In such cases please only ignore them. Please neither downvote nor comment; even, your downvote may encourage their toxic behavior (Please do not conflate such behavior and criticizing. For example this post criticizes my behavior. Although I disagree with its criticism, I never consider it as toxic behavior).


Following the advice mentioned above, I prefer to only mention one sentence about this answer:

If I posted such an answer, I would be suspended for at least one year.

Why should this post be closed?


You know, this Q is also classic internet trolling: not interested in contributing constructively but posting for the sole reason to cause conflict and drama. I would suggest you removing this Q at all. ‭FoggyFinder‭ 19 days ago

Sorry, we aren't interested in discussing you, only the Codidact network. ‭Lundin‭ 19 days ago

"As you can see, no offensive word was used in the paragraph." Imagine if someone were to say, "I don't believe your mental capacities to be enough to post here," and then say it's not offensive since no offensive words were used in that sentence, and it's clearly just an opinion since they said "believe". Would a reasonable person take offence though? Obviously. ‭Moshi‭ 19 days ago

I won't say that your paragraph was to the same degree, but it really does come across as "If you're too busy to run Codidact, then why not just let me do it?" Also, you stated that the staff members are too busy as a fact. If you claim that the staff members are too busy, then claim IF the staff members are too busy, THEN let me do it, the logical conclusion is that you are claiming that they should let you do it. ‭Moshi‭ 19 days ago

"Attributing offensive words such as "troll", "stupid", "absurd", ... to a specific user or their actions is not an example of disrespectfulness?" I don't believe any mod said that. Moderations takes time, and while not taking action can be seen as implicit allowance, they probably just haven't gotten around to discussing what to do with the post. ‭Moshi‭ 19 days ago

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I'm going to give up on being nice and just put it all on the table. The pattern I've seen from you over the last months is

  1. You're combative and rude.
  2. You make assertions rather than ask questions, and you ignore the responses/answers given if you don't agree with them.
  3. You center yourself and seem to lack empathy.
  4. You stubbornly ignore mod/admin actions and directions.
  5. You pick apart the letter of the law so you can violate its spirit.

You self-answered your own question but wrote the answer from a third-person rather than first-person perspective, as though you were two different people. And then you edited the drama back into your Q after a mod took an action against your A that you didn't like. You should feel lucky. If I were a mod, I would've banned you.



Generally speaking, if I find a community where I clash against the norms and maybe even cause damage, my approach is to read documentation and lurk on the site, participating only carefully and in ways that do not cause clashes. I might also ask for help to understand the community, if there is someone who seems to understand the site and who has the patience to help.


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