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Allow users to select their own default license per site and category, possibly per post type


Each site and category has a default license that is selected as default for new posts to that category. The license actually assigned to each post is that selected by the user when the post is initially created, and cannot be changed afterwards (though a workaround is to recreate the post and delete the previous copy). The actual default is set by administrators, because only administrators can administer categories and this is effectively a category setting.

Most users are probably happy with the default license and certainly can make a different choice when they post, but especially the latter requires the user to take an active step potentially every time they post, which also must be taken before the post is initially saved.

Forgetting to select a different license can be especially problematic if the desired license is more restrictive than the default (for example, CC BY-NC-SA instead of CC BY-SA). Mistakingly posting under a more restrictive license than intended (for example, posting under CC BY-SA instead of CC BY or even CC0) is easier to fix by reposting, but can still be annoying when one intends to post the bulk of one's contributions under the more permissive license.

It would be nice if there was a user preference, at least per site and category, possibly even broken down per post type, that allows configuring one's own default post license.

The list of licenses for such a setting would, naturally, be the same as that in the post creation interface.

If the user has configured a user-specific default for the relevant combination, that setting would take precedence over the site and category default license; while if the user has made no choice, the more general default license would be selected as the default. In any case, the user would still have the option to pick a different license for the specific post.

For clarity, by "post type" I mean question, answer, article, etc. So a user would be able to at least make their own selection for default license for, say, Writing's Q&A category distinct from Writing's Challenges category distinct from Judaism's Q&A category; and possibly also for each of those, to make a different choice for the default license for questions and answers respectively. The list of possible post types in each category would need to somehow be derived from the specific category.

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