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No "go back" option on Articles.


If you go to the post history for articles, there is no option to go back to the post.

This is what the post history looks like on a regular Q&A:
Yes link

This is what the post history looks like on an article:
No link

Why should this post be closed?


I think this needs an example or two. (Writing Q&A, category ID 1) and (Mathematics Q&A, category ID 41) both seem to me to link back to the question just fine. ‭Canina‭ 14 days ago

This is usually built-into browsers. Alt left-arrow is pretty universal, there is often a left arrow near the top left corner, and also a menu entry somewhere. Do these not work for you somehow, or are you expecting every web page to have a go-back button? ‭Olin Lathrop‭ 14 days ago

@Monica Cellio I realized what is happening, and I am editing now. ‭Dani‭ 14 days ago

Thanks for the edit! I see it now. Just missing the header block with the title/link and score there, it looks like. ‭Monica Cellio‭ 13 days ago

@Monica Cellio Oh that's what it's called? :) ‭Dani‭ 13 days ago

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